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Robert Gilmore is an experienced Sampson County lawyer handling Criminal Defense, DWIs, Traffic, and Personal Injury.


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With a single criminal charge, the government can start a process that could change your life forever.  Don't stand idly by and let it happen.

Call the Sampson County lawyer that will not back down from the fight.  Robert Gilmore will relentlessly take the government to task from the date of the charge until the jury returns. 



Do you have a revoked license?  Sampson County lawyer Robert Gilmore will help clean up your record and handle any necessary DMV hearings to get you on the road again.



DWIs are perhaps the most complex charges in the criminal system.  As such, all lawyers are not created equal when evaluating and trying a DWI.  Robert Gilmore's skills and experience in the DWI process, the tactics of law enforcement, and even the breathalyzer machines are exceptional. 

Entrust your DWI to a Sampson County lawyer that has tried them in front of judges and juries across the State with success.  Robert Gilmore will fight your DWI from top to bottom.


Being hit by another car at no fault to you or receiving a lawsuit in the mail can change your life.  Robert Gilmore has the trial knowledge, local knowledge, and caring touch to lift that burden and guide you back in the right direction.

Don't wait, give Sampson County attorney Robert Gilmore a call today.


For most of us, the worst feeling we will have as a driver is seeing blue lights in our rear view mirror. Sampson County lawyer Robert Gilmore is here to help.

Mr. Gilmore will work to minimize license and insurance penalties and points against you.




Child custody, alimony, divorce.  These are words no one wants to hear, but when you do, it can tear your world apart.  Attorney Robert Gilmore is here to relentlessly fight for what you deserve.  Let your spouse know you're ready for battle.